Warlukurlangu Art Workshop 23rd May – Yaamaganu Gallery

Warlukurlangu Art Workshop 23rd May

The Yaama Ganu Gallery will be hosting a group of Central Desert artists from the Warlukurlangu Art Centre, Yuendumu NT. The artists will be leading a series of workshops on the week beginning Monday 23rd May. The party will be made up of Senior Warlu Artists Alma Granites, Sabrina Robertson and Julie Robertson. Granites was recently cited as one of Australia’s 50 most collectable artists in Art Collector Magazine, many of you will be familiar with her wonderful night sky interpretations from the gallery. The artists will begin the presentation by talking about their themes, symbols, family and country. Then participants will be mentored by the artists as they create their own artwork drawing from similar influences. 

The workshop dates are Tuesday 24th May and Thursday 26th May. Participation cost is $50 per person which includes tuition fee, all art supplies and lunch. Numbers are strictly limited. To reserve your place please contact Toby.Osmond@aes.org.au or Catherine.Madden@aes.org.au or telephone 02 67943280