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Stories From The Kamilaroi

“The Kamilaroi people for thousands of years shared in many great works of art; drawing, painting, marking, carving, which are still seen today on cave walls, rock, rock shelters on the ground, trees and artefacts of boomerangs, shields and message sticks. These works of art represent things, which surrounded them on their lifetime of Dreamtime people, animals birds fish or patterns. Today, the many Aboriginal artists are keeping the art going in modern day style which they hold on to concerning their Great – Grandfathers’ and Grandmothers’ life on the river camps, their Dreamtime stories and legends are shared with their spirited feeling within themselves.”

Margaret Adams, Elder & Kamilaroi Artist


Stories From the Kamilaroi

The Yaama Ganu Gallery requests the pleasure of your company at the opening of the new exhibition STORIES FROM THE KAMILAROI - A Group Show celebrating Kamilaroi art and culture.


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