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Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is a living, growing art centre celebrating the uniqueness of Miriwoong cultural identity.

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts is located on Mirriwoong Country in Kununurra, which sits in the far north-west of Western Australia, approximately 45 kilometres from the Western Australia/Northern Territory border.

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts was established in the early 1980s. It acts as a fine art gallery, tourist destination, cultural archive, educational facility and, most importantly, as place of support and a studio for the many talented artists who live on Country surrounding the Kununurra area. More recently, Waringarri Arts has begun to work in partnership with Kira Kiro Arts Centre in Kalumburu, offering a place to market and sell works from one of the Western Australia’s most remote communities.

Art from Waringarri artists speaks of Country, tells stories of tradition, custom and lore as well as retelling the more recent histories of the Indigenous people of the area. These stories often reference station life which for many was a significant time in history, a time that shaped so much of the region, its people and their relationships to each other. More often than not the works from Waringarri are painted using traditional ochres mixed in such ways to create strong, bright colours and applied in a way that truly honours the Country being depicted and the materiality of ochre.

Waringarri Arts is Indigenous owned. It offers contemporary Indigenous fine art, limited edition prints, engraved boab nuts and wood carvings.


A dynamic edit of 12 x 45 x 45cm canvases from Waringarri Arts, Kununurra WA. Now showing at Cafe Gali.


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