News – Yaamaganu Gallery
01 May

Warlukurlangu Art Workshop 23rd May

The Yaama Ganu Gallery will be hosting a group of Central Desert artists from the Warlukurlangu Art Centre, Yuendumu NT. The artists will be leading a series of workshops on the week beginning Monday 23rd May. The party will be made up of Senior Warlu Artists Alma Granites, Sabrina Robertson and Julie Robertson. Granites...
21 Jan

Beautiful chain-stitch cushions from the Team at BETTER WORLD ARTS.

Beautiful chain-stitch cushions from the Team at BETTER WORLD ARTS. To produce these cushions a cross cultural programme between Central Desert Aboriginal artists and Kashmiri farmers has been implemented. Chain-stitch is a traditional Kashmiri handicraft and important to the local economy. The work is produced in remote villages and is an important suplimentary income between...