Tangentyere Artists – Winter 2019 – Yaamaganu Gallery

All smiles. Tangentyere Artist April Spencer Napaljarri working in the Alice Springs Studio

Tangentyere Artists

Around 400 Artists make up Tangentyere Artists; an Alice Springs based Aboriginal owned Art Centre providing Arts training and Workshops as well as Marketing and Sales support for the artists.
The unique quality of Tangentyere Artists is that it represents the breadth and depth of Central Australian cultural diversity.
Hence there is a huge diversity in style and story, as well as medium, ranging from acrylic painting on canvas through to paintings on recycled metal objects and wooden surfaces. Seed Jewellery and Recycled metal Jewellery is also made and sold from the art centre and the paintings range from the very traditional motifs to highly contemporary modern depictions of life.
Our art centre provides a platform from which artists can express themselves, their lives and cultural values, while enriching their community well being and family livelihoods. Increasingly Tangentyere Artists is becoming known for figurative paintings on canvas and metal, some with textual references ranging from the purely descriptive to the political.
Many wonderful stories arise out of the sometimes difficult conditions of the Town Camps for those who take the time to look and listen. And we are very pleased to be able to share them with you to show that Town Camp homes are important places in which real people live their lives, positive places, worthy of the respect that any person and their home deserves.
By purchasing Town Camp art from Tangentyere Artists you can be assured that you are supporting members of every community throughout central Australia. The benefits flow from artists to their extended families and beyond.



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