Matilda Nona – Yaamaganu Gallery



Matilda Nona


41 x 51 cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Torres Strait Islander Art


Goba is from the Argan tribe. Goba is a trader. Argan people used Goba to take turtle meat to the Waikaid people. He do this all the time and the Waikaid ppl used to swap “buithd Sama” (mangrove fruit) that used to be grated and soaked in running creek for a month to get rid of the starch. Then made into sago (balls) and was eaten together with the turtle. Goba would get Buithd Sama in return for the turtle.

 One day Goba decided to leave the turtle meat halfway at his resting place in the middle of the island and went on his way to Wakaid and told them there was no turtle and that it was windy and that nobody went hunting. The Wakaid people would give Goba the (Buithd Sama) and he’d go back to where he hid the turtle and feast on the turtle and Buithd Sama. Then he would fall asleep and would walk back to his people and told them the Wakaid people had no Buithd Sama and Goba continue to do this. The Argan people started to wonder and they followed him. They saw where he hid the turtle and they waited for his return. When he returned the Argan people saw what he was doing, he ate the turtle and the Buithd Sama and when he fell asleep they stoned him.

 Today at Badu Island Goba’s grave is a big pile of rocks 


AUD $250