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Papulankutja was established after Ngaayatjarra people walked out of Warburton mission in the1970s and returned to their land. Papulankutja Artists was established in 2001 and incorporated in 2004 growing out of Blackstone’s women’s centre. After many years of working through the women’s centre and then the community hall, Papulankutja Artists opened their own Art Studio in 2009.

Papulankutja Artists is known for its innovative fibre work, as well as their painters and carvers. Fibre Artists from Papulankutja won the 2005 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award with a large woven Toyota. Papulankutja Artists strive for everybody working together with a strong heart. Our themes are about country and include Seven Sisters’ story, Wati Kutjarra, IIlupa and Nintuka.

Papulankutja Artists are very community focussed. Today, women and men, young people and old people, work together. Papulankutja Artists has reached out to neighbouring communities and started a regional art reach program in 2008. There are now 60 artists at Papulankutja and 20 artists at Jameson working for Papulankutja Artists.



YAAMA GANU GALLERY requests the pleasure of your company at the opening of the new exhibition BLACKSTONE LADIES AND MR DONEGAN A Group Show featuring work from Papulankutja Artists - Blackstone, Western Australia OPENING & DRINKS Friday 11th March 5.30pm - 8.30pm Please view at: www.yaamaganu.com.au RSVP: tobyosmond@aes.org.au T:02 6794 3280 211 Balo St Moree NSW 2400 T: 02 6794 3280 PO Box 484 Moree 2400


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